Wild Planet Spy Video Car Review

Wild Planet Spy Video Car Review

We have a nice one for you today, folks!

Does your child love speed as well as spying? Then Wild Planet Spy Video Car at Amazon is the racer for him. Your child will really fall in love with this toy that has tons of features thus making it worth every penny.

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This Wild Planet Spy Video Car has an infrared camera that is set up in its body and run by a remote control. The Spy Video Car sends out images to a special headset so that your child can see where it is going and feel part of an exciting journey. With its infrared night-vision and a range of 75 feet, the Wild Planet Spy Video Car is just the thing for spy missions for the late nights. Kids love to use it in dark when their parents are asleep or sneak down to the kitchen late night. The big strong tires don’t make any noise and go over thick carpet or the rough terrain in the backyard easily.

If you really want your child to have this amazing Spy Video Car, be prepared to loosen up your pocket by around $55 US.

Product Features:

This stealthy speedster runs on12 AA batteries and zooms from room to room while remaining almost unnoticed. Let us take a look at its interesting features:

•    Includes a headset
•    Flip-up screen
•    Built-in video camera
•    Single LCD lens
•    Hand-held remote control
•    90 day warranty
•    Requires 12 “AA” batteries

Now, get set to view all the action through your own headset up to 75 feet away. Keep all your secrets safe from the eyes of the enemy. Using the hand-held remote control, you can adjust the camera angle and send it on secret missions. Watch your enemy and remain undercover with those special night vision.


Most buyers find it a bit expensive but kids really love it. They really have a BIG time enjoying all the power and sending the Wild Planet Spy Video Car out on secret missions. Fairly strong and sturdy, the car is makes a fair sound but is not too loud or noisy. With a little bit of practice, any child can easily maneuver it. The kids really have great fun sneaking on their parents a, brothers, sisters or friends.

The recommended age is above 6 years. However, some customers have found the infrared a little blurred with low sensitivity. Anyway, the toy itself is great fun and a  great gift for your child.

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