Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle Review

Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle Review

The General Consensus

The Tonka ricochet RC vehicle is a wonderful remote controlled stunt vehicle from Hasbro. The car is equipped with a monster lift suspension technology that helps it to run high in the air. This a favorite gift item for the kids. The product has been assigned an average rating of 4 star according to the customer reviews.

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The product received a rating of 4 star or higher from 80 % of the reviewers in, but some very strong negative feedbacks were also received. In this review, we have thoroughly considered all the exciting features of this product and the experience of the customers who have used it. We expect this review to be helpful for readers to make an informed decision about this stunt vehicle.

The Negative Reviews

The negative reviews were much less in number comparing to the positives, but most of these shared some serious concerns about the product. Some of the complaints about the product are as below.

Most of the negative reviewers felt that there is some serious problem with the entire charging system of this car. The charging process is not user friendly, and it takes a lot of time to get charged. Some users have complained about defective chargers and even a package without a charger being sent to them.

In some instances, the product has not at all worked after charging them once or twice. The worst of all complains was that, the car never functioned at all and the entire money was lost. We also found some reviewers stating that the product stopped after a few minutes and never ran after that.

The Positive Reviews

There were plenty of 4 and 5 star ratings from the customers. Most of them confessed that their children were just obsessed with this fantastic stunt car. Even some of the parents were themselves excited about the features of the car. Some of the most common positive remarks are listed below.
Most of the users find it extremely funny to play with the Tonka ricochet RC vehicle. The car runs smoothly even on a rough surface. The car toggles back to its position even when it flips over. The ABC switch in the controller allows three people to play with it at a time. Most of the users found it easy to get used to the remote control device and different advanced features of the product. This car is extremely sturdy and durable too. This remote controlled car almost gives the feeling of driving a real car. This product has been recommended by most of the parents as the best possible Christmas, New Year, or Birthday gift for kids.

The Conclusion

This product has received more than 80 % positive feedback in from the users. On the other hand, some extremely serious concerns have been found from the negative reviews.

The negative reviews are less in number, but they cannot be ignored. We, therefore, feel that this product has a significant scope for improvement. The battery, charger and the entire charging system of the product need an overhauling. The manufacturers must look into these gray areas of an otherwise excellent product.

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