Chicco Toys Billy Wheels

Chicco Toys Billy Fun Wheels Review

This remote control car truck is one of the first ever toy trucks that can be controlled by a motion-sensing remote control device. Children of all ages will enjoy playing with this toy although it is more recommendable for children around 2 years of age.

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Billy Fun Wheels can be accurately controlled by using an intuitive remote control. Because this is shaped like a typical steering wheel, maneuvering the device becomes very easy. In fact, it even gives a sense of driving a real car.
This toy truck can move forward, backward, left and right. Its arrows light up to help guide a 2-year old child in figuring out where it’s going. The roaring sounds of the engine and the blinking headlights also add a sense of realism to playing with this toy truck. Your child can even honk the horn on Billy Fun Wheels by pressing the center button on the remote-controlled steering wheel.

Chicco Toys Billy Fun Wheels Product Features:

1.    Intuitive remote control – This will allow a child to control the toy truck by simply turning on the remote control’s steering wheel.

2.    Realistic sounds – This Chicco Toys Billy Fun Wheels toy truck gives off a roaring sound when it accelerates. And it even gives a warning signal when being driven in reverse. Your child can even honk the horn to announce Billy’s presence!

3.    Functional lights – This toy truck has working headlights that can be turned on and off by pressing the center button on the steering wheel remote control device.

Chicco Toys Billy Fun Wheels Customer Reviews:

A majority of parents who have bought the Chicco Toys Billy Fun Wheels truck are very satisfied with their purchases. In fact, this particular brand and model of toy truck has an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars at the site.

Customers like the fact that this beginner toy truck can provide an enjoyable and challenging experience for a 2-year old child. Children will learn how to be patient in order to maneuver this truck properly. It may be a little hard for first timer drivers but the toy is built in such a way that it’s easy to figure out.

Parents also like the fact that this toy will aid in the proper development of eye and hand coordination. As a young child’s motor skills is only starting to develop at age 2, this toy makes for a fun learning tool.

The only real complaint that customers have with this Billy Fun Wheels toy truck is its battery consumption. This toy requires 4 pieces of size AA and 3 pieces of size AAA batteries for both the truck and the remote control device to function. But the fun that this toy truck can bring to a child makes up for that minor set back.


All in all, we can say that the Chicco Toys Billy Fun Wheels toy truck is a great and exciting toy to play with. It looks very cute and attractive and it’s fun to operate too. In fact, even adults will enjoy playing with this Chicco Toys Billy Fun Wheels truck once in a while.

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Wild Planet Spy Video Car Review

Wild Planet Spy Video Car Review

We have a nice one for you today, folks!

Does your child love speed as well as spying? Then Wild Planet Spy Video Car at Amazon is the racer for him. Your child will really fall in love with this toy that has tons of features thus making it worth every penny.

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This Wild Planet Spy Video Car has an infrared camera that is set up in its body and run by a remote control. The Spy Video Car sends out images to a special headset so that your child can see where it is going and feel part of an exciting journey. With its infrared night-vision and a range of 75 feet, the Wild Planet Spy Video Car is just the thing for spy missions for the late nights. Kids love to use it in dark when their parents are asleep or sneak down to the kitchen late night. The big strong tires don’t make any noise and go over thick carpet or the rough terrain in the backyard easily.

If you really want your child to have this amazing Spy Video Car, be prepared to loosen up your pocket by around $55 US.

Product Features:

This stealthy speedster runs on12 AA batteries and zooms from room to room while remaining almost unnoticed. Let us take a look at its interesting features:

•    Includes a headset
•    Flip-up screen
•    Built-in video camera
•    Single LCD lens
•    Hand-held remote control
•    90 day warranty
•    Requires 12 “AA” batteries

Now, get set to view all the action through your own headset up to 75 feet away. Keep all your secrets safe from the eyes of the enemy. Using the hand-held remote control, you can adjust the camera angle and send it on secret missions. Watch your enemy and remain undercover with those special night vision.


Most buyers find it a bit expensive but kids really love it. They really have a BIG time enjoying all the power and sending the Wild Planet Spy Video Car out on secret missions. Fairly strong and sturdy, the car is makes a fair sound but is not too loud or noisy. With a little bit of practice, any child can easily maneuver it. The kids really have great fun sneaking on their parents a, brothers, sisters or friends.

The recommended age is above 6 years. However, some customers have found the infrared a little blurred with low sensitivity. Anyway, the toy itself is great fun and a  great gift for your child.

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Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer Review

Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer Review

What will your little one love for speed? Try Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer at Amazon for fast fun for your child. This remote-control racer is a hot favorite with most kids. They find it easy to use with wireless controller and love racing it backwards and forwards. The soft body and extra-large rubber tires make sure that when this speedster goes for a spin, there is no harm done to your walls or floors. Even your little one is completely safe, who will simply love making it run over obstacles or flipping it over.

Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer is sure going to zoom right on to the top of your little one’s favorite toys. Designed for children ages three and up, it’s a fun and a fast-action toy.

Features of this amazing racer

This is a smart buy for a kid who wants a simple, easy to use remote controlled car.

  • It is fast, fun and flappable
  • Easy to handle and use by kids
  • Soft body
  • Wireless controller
  • simple two switch controller
  • Easy to follow manual

It is a fun toy and loved by all kids. They find it great fun to play with this remote-control car, that can be used as a sports car as well as a racer.   It will need Six “AA” batteries to run the car. Another added benefit is that the racer is on the quieter side when compared to other radio control vehicles. This is good if you don’t want too much disturbance inside the house.
Negative Reviews

Although there aren’t any major negative feedbacks from the customers, nevertheless, one must talk about them and be realistic. After all, every product does carry a couple of drawbacks which need to be spoken about.

Don’t expect a lot of flipping as promised. One consumer reported that it does not always bounce back.  Further, the car may just get stuck if it hits something straight and it gets difficult to make it flip.  And multiple consumers simply claimed it didn’t work.  This was very surprising.

And of course there were the usual complains about batteries. Many parents find it a tricky to place the batteries which are stacked together and one above the other. Plus they find it a bit annoying to have them replace every couple of days. They would like to have the range extended a lot more.  The more R/C-experienced and older children may not find the car too challenging.

Positive Reviews

Playskool’s Tonka Bounce Back Racer will be an immediate hit with your child. Multiple consumers reported that their children simple loved it! Watch the excitement and glow on his face when he first sets his eyes on this racer. It is just the right toy for the little ones trying to experiment with their first remote car. Your child will zoom around the house with a look of great pride.

The large, soft body and big rubber tires, make it a safe toy for your child as well as your house. With just two simple-to-use buttons, your toddler can get the car shooting away at great speed.

One of the best things about Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer is that you won’t find any scuffs or messes inside when your child plays indoors.

Once your kid gets familiar with the car and understands how it works, he would find endless possibilities for fun in driving it around.


It sure is a great buy from Amazon. They have the reviews to help you make a decision. We actually might take a chance on this remote control car because the majority of the reviews were above three stars. So, yes, we would recommend it. Of course there may be some other choices many may find better, though.  I do like what I see in this R/C; it has a lot of potential, but it might not be my first choice for my kid.



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Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle Review

Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle Review

The General Consensus

The Tonka ricochet RC vehicle is a wonderful remote controlled stunt vehicle from Hasbro. The car is equipped with a monster lift suspension technology that helps it to run high in the air. This a favorite gift item for the kids. The product has been assigned an average rating of 4 star according to the customer reviews.

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The product received a rating of 4 star or higher from 80 % of the reviewers in, but some very strong negative feedbacks were also received. In this review, we have thoroughly considered all the exciting features of this product and the experience of the customers who have used it. We expect this review to be helpful for readers to make an informed decision about this stunt vehicle.

The Negative Reviews

The negative reviews were much less in number comparing to the positives, but most of these shared some serious concerns about the product. Some of the complaints about the product are as below.

Most of the negative reviewers felt that there is some serious problem with the entire charging system of this car. The charging process is not user friendly, and it takes a lot of time to get charged. Some users have complained about defective chargers and even a package without a charger being sent to them.

In some instances, the product has not at all worked after charging them once or twice. The worst of all complains was that, the car never functioned at all and the entire money was lost. We also found some reviewers stating that the product stopped after a few minutes and never ran after that.

The Positive Reviews

There were plenty of 4 and 5 star ratings from the customers. Most of them confessed that their children were just obsessed with this fantastic stunt car. Even some of the parents were themselves excited about the features of the car. Some of the most common positive remarks are listed below.
Most of the users find it extremely funny to play with the Tonka ricochet RC vehicle. The car runs smoothly even on a rough surface. The car toggles back to its position even when it flips over. The ABC switch in the controller allows three people to play with it at a time. Most of the users found it easy to get used to the remote control device and different advanced features of the product. This car is extremely sturdy and durable too. This remote controlled car almost gives the feeling of driving a real car. This product has been recommended by most of the parents as the best possible Christmas, New Year, or Birthday gift for kids.

The Conclusion

This product has received more than 80 % positive feedback in from the users. On the other hand, some extremely serious concerns have been found from the negative reviews.

The negative reviews are less in number, but they cannot be ignored. We, therefore, feel that this product has a significant scope for improvement. The battery, charger and the entire charging system of the product need an overhauling. The manufacturers must look into these gray areas of an otherwise excellent product.

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Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Review

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Review

The verdict:

Are you all familiar with the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler, yet? Well if you’re not, you have come to the right place on the net to find out about it!

Let’s take a look at all of the remote control car’s features.

  • Two motors and low gearing make for rugged off-road action
  • Articulated front and rear suspension
  • Requires 3 AA batteries for vehicles and 1 9V battery for control (not included)
  • Tri-Channel Transmitter
  • Go off-road today

Ok, this remote control car currently has 21 reviews on Amazon, and I am sure there will be more to come. It seems to be an up and coming remote control car that kids will end up loving. The reviews already show that. Most were absolutely positive. The Crawler has two motors and low gearing and has an articulated front and rear suspension. It requires 3 AA batteries for vehicles and 1 9V battery for control, which is not included, but not hard to find. This is a true inexpensive off the road remote control car!

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The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler is reported to be a little slower than some of the other remote control cars on the market. It might not do well on grass and dirt; however, some consumers claimed they used it in those conditions and it did fine. Different experiences for different folks I guess. But consumers have reported that it is a good starter remote car for a kid. One consumer stated that it is durable and has a lot of power for its price, but it is not fast or agile. I was glad she pointed that out. One person even said it does exactly what you think those cheap R/C trucks SHOULD do but don’t. All in all, most customers believed that they got their money’s worth and got a great starter R/C for a good price.

Ok, so let’s talk about the not so great issues some people had with this remote control car. On the negative side there were the usual complains about the batteries not lasting as long as some would have liked; this seems common with most of the cars, even the best rated ones. One person was upset with the speed of the car. Others mentioned the issue of slow speed but felt it did not make them want to give the car back because of the other positives out that out-weighted this issue. Another person claims to have brought it from Target and somehow broke it in two days. But they still noted that they were still impressed with the cars capabilities.

Overall, I would take the few very negative comments  about the Maisto rock crawler with a grain of salt.  There were far more positive comments where people were absolutely happy with the car.  The positive comments continue to come in.

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Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark Review

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark Review

When your child’s playtime covers both dry land and wet areas, he or she might enjoy Kid Galaxy’s Morphibians Shark R/C (radio controlled) vehicle. This little car/boat can conquer inside flooring like wood and carpet, and it can also tackle outside terrain like gravel and puddles. Throw in the fact that it can use its tires as wading paddles when traversing water and you’ve got yourself a nice little all-terrain-vehicle for the young ones. Our research shows a solid amount of positive feedback for this toy, though it’s not without its drawbacks. Kids loved its ability to travel in all types of environments. Parents thought it was a good value, but had issues with water getting into the battery compartment when used exclusively for water play. Overall, most reports showed a positive reaction with parents and kids alike enjoying the racer. Read on for a full Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark review.

Highlights of the  Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark

The vehicle itself is about 7” x 6” x 6”, so expect something that can technically fit on an adult-sized hand. This is plenty of car for kids under 10, but it may be underwhelming for children older than that. Of course, adults love driving the car when the kids aren’t watching, so there’s always wiggle room with those estimates. The handset requires two “AAA” batteries and the car requires three “AA” batteries. Be sure to pick up both types, as they are not included.

Kids will enjoy the simple handset control method. If you want only the left tires to move forward, move the left joystick up. Vice-versa for the right side. Move them both up for a straight, forward motion. Likewise for backwards motion. Think of the motion like you’d think of the movement of a tank. Trust me, your kids will get the hang of it quickly, and it will barely take more time for them to master it than you have spent reading this paragraph.

The car does indeed travel across many different types of terrain. Parents report great traction on indoor surfaces and solid performance on most outdoor surfaces. Unpacked sand was reported as being a bit of an issue. It does perform well in the water, though it is recommended that you do not let it completely submerge, as this may cause water to enter the sensitive electronic component area. Most feedback shows that it’s a durable car and a great value for the price it’s being offered at.


Ok, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Though it performs well on water, feedback we’ve seen from parents shows that it’s probably a good idea to NOT let it submerge totally. There were some complains about that. The car also may have issues on certain types of very rough terrain and on loosely-packed sand.


Over all, the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark is absolutely agreat introductory R/C vehicle for kids over three. It can traverse many types of terrain and it’s pretty durable. Battery life seems to be decent, as most report that it’s got respectable longevity. Easy controls make it a solid car for even the younger crowd to enjoy. The current price makes it an excellent value.


With supervision, the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark R/C car will certainly brighten any youngster’s day and last a respectable length of time. It’s also a great value for the current price.

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Tonka Bounceback RC Racer Review

Tonka Bounceback RC Racer  Review

The Tonka Bounceback Racer is an ingeniously designed little R/C (Radio Controlled) race car that plays well with kids as young as toddler age. Not only is it made of a semi-soft rubber outer layer that will not scuff or dent walls and corners, but it’s friendly to younger, inexperienced R/C drivers as it can completely flip and keep on moving. It’s got some downsides, as it runs through batteries fairly quickly (some report needing new batteries every two days). Also, the battery compartment itself is a bit of a pain to get to. Overall, though, most reviews point to this being a very fun introductory R/C car that will keep chugging in (and on) whatever you put it through.

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Tonka Bounceback Racer Features

The body of the car is about 9” x9” x 3”. It needs one 9V battery for the handset and six “AA” batteries for the vehicle. None of these are included, so be sure to pick some up before the little one sees it so it’ll be ready for some racing. The body of the car is made of a tough rubber, and the tires are also soft enough to not cause any scuffmarks on your favorite furniture or the walls. As most parents know, most R/C cars will hit the walls and floor molding every 10 seconds at least, so this is a lifesaver. The car is also reported to be very quiet, which those of us familiar with R/C cars know this is a rare quality.

The remote, which will be a fascinating way to control the car for your toddler, has only two buttons:  forward and reverse. That’s a simple introduction into this fun toy genre for any child, and it’ll have him or her racing through the hallways in no time. And the car itself is entertaining enough that some report their children loving to play with it even when the batteries are dead!

Drawbacks and Possible Negatives

There have been some reports of users having a hard time with the battery compartment of the Tonka Bounce Back Racer. The compartments are screwed down and in a configuration that may be somewhat difficult for some to open and close quickly. After orienting yourself to the method Tonka used, however, this should not be an issue.

Battery life is decent, but some parents have stated that with heavy use, batteries will probably need changing every couple of days. This is also not a deal breaker, as most R/C cars have about the same lifespan.


At this price level, the Bounce Back Racer is a solid entry into R/C cars for your little one. The rubbery-but-rugged material the car is made of makes it safe enough to run the car into any obstacle you can think of. Quiet operation and simple radio control benefits outweigh the limited battery life. Throw in the fact that it flips when it encounters a corner or wall and you’ve got a R/C winner. This little flipping Tonka Bounce Back Racer vehicle is recommended.


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