Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark Review

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark Review

When your child’s playtime covers both dry land and wet areas, he or she might enjoy Kid Galaxy’s Morphibians Shark R/C (radio controlled) vehicle. This little car/boat can conquer inside flooring like wood and carpet, and it can also tackle outside terrain like gravel and puddles. Throw in the fact that it can use its tires as wading paddles when traversing water and you’ve got yourself a nice little all-terrain-vehicle for the young ones. Our research shows a solid amount of positive feedback for this toy, though it’s not without its drawbacks. Kids loved its ability to travel in all types of environments. Parents thought it was a good value, but had issues with water getting into the battery compartment when used exclusively for water play. Overall, most reports showed a positive reaction with parents and kids alike enjoying the racer. Read on for a full Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark review.

Highlights of the  Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark

The vehicle itself is about 7” x 6” x 6”, so expect something that can technically fit on an adult-sized hand. This is plenty of car for kids under 10, but it may be underwhelming for children older than that. Of course, adults love driving the car when the kids aren’t watching, so there’s always wiggle room with those estimates. The handset requires two “AAA” batteries and the car requires three “AA” batteries. Be sure to pick up both types, as they are not included.

Kids will enjoy the simple handset control method. If you want only the left tires to move forward, move the left joystick up. Vice-versa for the right side. Move them both up for a straight, forward motion. Likewise for backwards motion. Think of the motion like you’d think of the movement of a tank. Trust me, your kids will get the hang of it quickly, and it will barely take more time for them to master it than you have spent reading this paragraph.

The car does indeed travel across many different types of terrain. Parents report great traction on indoor surfaces and solid performance on most outdoor surfaces. Unpacked sand was reported as being a bit of an issue. It does perform well in the water, though it is recommended that you do not let it completely submerge, as this may cause water to enter the sensitive electronic component area. Most feedback shows that it’s a durable car and a great value for the price it’s being offered at.


Ok, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Though it performs well on water, feedback we’ve seen from parents shows that it’s probably a good idea to NOT let it submerge totally. There were some complains about that. The car also may have issues on certain types of very rough terrain and on loosely-packed sand.


Over all, the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark is absolutely agreat introductory R/C vehicle for kids over three. It can traverse many types of terrain and it’s pretty durable. Battery life seems to be decent, as most report that it’s got respectable longevity. Easy controls make it a solid car for even the younger crowd to enjoy. The current price makes it an excellent value.


With supervision, the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark R/C car will certainly brighten any youngster’s day and last a respectable length of time. It’s also a great value for the current price.

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