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SPITZER R4 Remote Controlled Golf Trolley is one of the most popular emote control golf trolley that come with a number of enhanced features and technologies to take advantage of. With the help of the SPITZER R4 Remote Controlled Golf Trolley, you can avoid the need for carrying your heavy golf equipments from one hole to another on the course. Even though it comes with a short range running feature, you can upgrade your trolley with long range remote control features so that it can be used for a long run without any hassle till the end of the day. The new, advanced Golf Trolley boasts of several amazing benefits that distinguishes it from ordinary trolleys.

Some of the many remarkable features seen in a SPITZER R4 Remote Controlled Golf Trolley is the presence of Twin calibrated 200W motors that offer straight and smooth operation through the course, the speed controlled movements that can be moved left, right, forward and reverse directions etc. Another notable feature this product is its capability to respond and run long distance with the help of its long range reception features that runs up to 100 m. They are also operable to up to 30 % on the grade hills. Since they are provided with quick charge batteries, they can run more time with more power for about 350 charges. Thus, you can charge your trolley in such a way that you can make use of it to around 2 rounds of your golf championships on the course. Since they are equipped with the feature of variable speed, you can move it according to your desired speed. The presence of the special spring loaded stabilizer wheel with enable anyone to use it easily on the course.

In order to ensure easy and convenient transportation, you can fold this trolley and then store it anywhere so that you can take it out and use it whenever you want to.

The Golf Trolley is manufactured with durable and solid construction and therefore come with stainless steel clutches, electronic brake system, water and rain resistant body along with the advanced SPITZER soft-start function and click-lock folding action. You can also make use of the features provided by the multi-function handle control and the compact remote controller.