RC Wars: A Comparison of three of the top remote control cars for children in 2017!

As the automobile industry evolves and undergoes some great technological changes, so does the kids’ cars industry. There are all kinds of remote control cars for kids in the market today but not all are the same, both in design and functionality.  My search for the perfect remote control car for kids narrowed to a three cars’ race between Cyclaws remote control vehicle, the Tyco R/C stunt psycho vehicle and the Kid Galaxy Mega X morphibian Komodo dragon car.

Here is what I gathered about the three cars, if you are considering getting one for your boy, you will be better informed to make the right pick at the bottom of this page.

A)    The Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle

The Cyclaws remote control vehicle is a typical futuristic remote control car for kids not only in design and colors but also in how it runs and responds.  The most amazing feature of this car is the transforming action of the wheels which turn to claws to make it possible for this sleek little monster to climb over obstructions and rough terrains.  The claw feature can be independently adjusted and it can run in both claw-open and claw-closed mode.

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When the claws are open, the car can perform some amazing spins, wheelies and other movie-like stunts and when they are closed it runs a lot like a high speed high performance futuristic racing car and this Is what most reviewers really loved about this car.  Since the claws of these remote control cars for kids are spontaneous, it is recommended that they are used outdoors.

On average, customers who bought the Cyclaws remote control vehicle for their kids give it a rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon.com which is pretty high for only 31 customer reviews.  One major downside noted by a number of reviewers about this car though is that the battery does not last as long as they would have liked but it is agreeable that it is a compromise for such revolutionary features the car has.

When you purchase the Cyclaws Remote control vehicle for your boy, you get a battery pack, a charger, a 9 volt battery and the remote controller.

B)    Tyco R/C Stunt Psycho Vehicle

It seems that most highly rated remote control cars for kids today get their scores from wheels because the Tyco R/C Stunt Psycho Vehicle, just like the Cyclaws remote control vehicle, has revolutionary multi-terrain fast-spinning flexible wheels that can handle any terrain type with ease.  It is also designed to be durable and can perform different stunts such as flips, psychotic tornadoes, wheelies and spins.

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Just like the Cyclaws remote control vehicle, this car also got an average score of 4.4 stars but with 27 reviews and almost three in four customers giving is a clean 5 star rating out of 5.  Most customers were particularly impressed with the sleek dragon-style design and red color of the car – and the blue head lights that look dragon eyes are a killer!

Another great thing about the Tyco R/C stunt psycho vehicle is that the controller is in full control of the stunt actions thanks to the two driving controls that slide in both forward and backward direction.

The biggest downside of the Tyco R/C stunt psycho vehicle is that it sometimes flips over upside down and has to be turned over by hand.  Most customers are impressed with the durability, the performance and the design of the car but because it uses 8 AA batteries which on active use can last for only three to four days.

C)    Kid Galaxy Mega X Morphibian Komodo dragon

The Kid galaxy mega X morphibian Komodo dragon comes third of the three top remote control cars for kids according to my observation, and according to reviews by customers on Amazon.com.  If you know what Komodo dragons are you can easily relate their way of life or movements with this to car – they both do well running on land as well as on water.

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Besides movement, this remote controlled car also has the aggressive, mean looking and strength characteristics of the Komodo dragons.  On land, this car moves with the huge knobby tires over different terrains even dirt and sand and in water it has two powerful propellers that make it a fast and agile swimmer.

Customers on Amazon.com rated this car 3.7 stars out of 5.0 for different reasons but I think the major flaw with the car is that the batteries not only proved to be difficult to remove and put in the waterproof container but they also run out fast, most customers saying that a full charge would go for as little as 30 minutes.

The car however scores pretty highly when it comes to durability, performance and design.  If the issue of battery does not concern you, it may be wise to consider this car.

There you have it.  Which R/C car will your child go for?